Burns Night

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All the beers we are cooking with tonight are available on the bar. Why not the food whilst drinking the beer it was cooked with.

Oat Crusted Brisket £12.0

To The Hilt (Fyne Ales) marinated, oat crusted brisket served with a beer reduction & roasted shallots

Cauliflower ‘Wings’ £7.0

Baked Cauliflower, Ich Bin Ein Berryliner (Fyne Ales)
sweet & sour sauce

Oat Crusted Chicken Goujons £8.0

Peanut Riot (Fierce Beer) dipping sauce

Scotch Egg £4.95

Ragnorak DIPA (Fyne Ales) Mustard

Haggis Burger £14.0

Beef Patty, Replicate IPA (Pilot Brewing) battered Haggis, spent grain bun, beer chips

Portobello Mushroom Burger £10.0

Jarl (Fyne Ale) roasted Portobello burger, garlic & truffle mayo, beer chips, spent grain bun

Beer Chips £4.0


Deep Fried Mars Bar £4.95

Winter North Sea Stout (Pilot) ice cream