Sacred Gin Night

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After years of honoured beer events, the Duke’s Head booze squad is happy to announce our first ever Gin Night, hosted by our good friends Hilary and Ian from Sacred with the special participation of Square Root, the best tonics in town.
For one night only, you can get 4 of our new amazing Sacred cocktails for £20!
TICKETS HERE or come and shout something at the bar.

Here’s the menu for the night:

1. Vermouth Fizz: English Dry Vermouth topped up with Prosecco
2. Rosehip Cup Fizz: Rosehip Cup topped up with Prosecco
3. Square Root Gin ‘n’ Juice: Cardamom Gin topped up with Ginger Beer Square Root
4. Gin and Hop Tonic: Sacred Gin and Hop Tonic.

If you’re not on the floor at the end of this killing list, you can always stick around for some more gin and the “try to make Mars say the word ‘straw’ correctly” weekly competition.