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Kitchen open 12pm – 10pm, every day with takeaway available. Bookings welcome.

Due to our size, we only allocate so many tables for bookings, with a 4 person minimum for any reservations. Please send a contact number when enquiring.

Experience our original and unique monthly food offer, sourcing a wide range of the best new chefs and food that London has to offer. All the flavour and expression of the street food scene, with the added benefit of four walls, air conditioning and beer! The most exciting and eclectic dining experience in North London, with plenty of time to get your fill of your favourites, and the excitement of something new just around the corner.

Now Serving: Lord Of The Wings


Just Missed:

Caracas Baby. Sunday 13th to Friday 1st June.


Ugly Dumplings. Saturday the 5th to Saturday the 12th .


Mei Mei’s Street Cart- April 30th – May 4th


April: Sho Foo Doh


March: Elote




February: Tangys Tasty Stuff


January: Malt + Pepper


Welcome to Malt + Pepper. Everything we do is entirely based around cooking with independently produced beer and the ingredients used in the brewing process namely, yeast, hops and grains. We also take spent grain, the malts left over after the brewing process, and turn them into food.



December: What The Dickens


November: Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen


October:  Daja Chicken

September: Sticky Beaks

August: Cuepoint



Cue Point – Pop-up BBQ smokehouse

July: Lord of the Wings


June: Prairie Fire

May: Cucina Rustica


April: Slow Fire

Way back in time. Long before the day of gas and electricity. Our ancestors, discovered that food tastes great cooked over the embers of a dying fire!

For us at Slow Fire London, barbecue is more than a meal. It’s an event! People gather for this event to watch, smell and eat.
The fire in the pit is a living, breathing creature. The smoke from the smouldering embers of charred wood lend there identity to the food. As they cook, cure and preserve, they flavour the food in the most amazing fashion!

The history of barbecue is rich across the globe. From the early Caribbean pit fires, to the Argentinian Asado, and beyond! We have love for all things wood fired! And our food offerings will showcase that.

All of our meat is locally reared, free range and traceable back to the farm. The wood and charcoal we use is all “made in England”. And is an essential by-product from the ongoing management of our historic woodlands.

March: Le Bao

At Le Bao, our mission is to bring a modern flair to the traditional Asian steam buns, providing customers a unique and unforgettable experience. We only use high quality ingredients which are sourced organic and/or free range. Our buns are made of Soya Milk and Rice Flour (Gluten free) and won the British Street Food Awards “Best Sandwich 2016”

February: Rarebits


January: Division 194

New Orleans inspired street food.


Created in New Orleans and arguably the world’s greatest sandwich. An oven-warm crusty baguette, stouter than its lanky French cousin, traditionally stuffed to bursting with either slow-cooked beef or fried seafood, ‘dressed’ with pickles, iceberg lettuce and tomato.

We aim to capture the spirit, generosity and sheer deliciousness of NOLA’s Po’ Boys while putting our own (kind-of British) spin on them.

This is no ersatz attempt to ape the Po’ Boys of NOLA, rather a jumping off point for serving the kind of sandwiches we want to eat: a regularly changing menu of fun, filling, carefully-calibrated flavour bombs.

Pickles, slaws, krauts, ferments, sauces and mayonnaise – all made in-house and from scratch. We are particularly proud of our fermented chilli sauce.

For us, sustainability, animal welfare and responsible sourcing are as important as quality. For that reason we work with only the very best suppliers: The Quality Chop House butcher for our rare breed beef, and Fosse Meadows Farm for what we believe to be the finest chicken in the country.

New Orleans inspired street food.



Season is a neighbourhood restaurant cooking good quality, honestly sourced produce with a minimum of fuss.



November: Chalé! Let’s Eat





As a kid, Alicia used to (uselessly) stand in the kitchen getting in her mum’s way as she would pound peppers, peel yams and fry sweet plantains. So excited about all the Ghanaian food that was coming her way, she would dance around the kitchen. Nothing gets Alicia as excited as food does and this is why she packed in the day job and created, Chalé, a Ghanaian food pop up.



October – El Marinero


El Marinero is the latest addition to the Seafood Truck scene in London.
Our focus is on the Spanish region of Galicia, located north of Portugal.
This area is known for the quality and abundance of seafood paired with small scale agriculture. I was born in France from Spanish parents and I share with you the cuisine of my childhood.

Galician cuisine has good quality products at it’s heart, prepared in a way to enhance natural flavours. This is our philosophy, and we take pride in what goes into our food.

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September – Soul Food Sisters


Soul Food Sisters started experimenting with Caribbean cooking when they moved to Tottenham 6 years ago. Since then they have been serving up Caribbean / European inspired dishes at supper clubs and pop ups. Their dishes are full of punchy, vibrant flavours that are good for the soul.

“There’s a lot to love about Becca and Elly’s Soul Food Sister’s Supper Club” The Huffington Post


August – Backstreet Dinerbackstreet

The Backstreet Diner is a Food Truck started by London chef Ben Lindsay. After working for the last 14 years in London restaurants, from 5 wonderful years at St John to running award winning gastro pubs, it was time to get out and have a bit of fun. So we have tried to do it right. We use great English produce to make a really great Burger. We use rare breed meats and local suppliers wherever possible. We like the simple honest cooking of good ingredients.




July – Allihopa



June: Prairie Fire



Prairie Fire BBQ serves authentic, mouth-watering Kansas City Style BBQ. Founded by a Kansas City native longing for a taste a home, Michael Gratz started PFQ 3 years ago after studying under some of the best BBQ pitmasters in the world. Since its modest beginnings, Prairie Fire BBQ street food has become well known to BBQ aficionados throughout London and beyond.

May: BBQ Dreamz

April: Squid Kitchen


Squid Kitchen is a concept based on Spanish snacking food, inspired by market eating in Madrid. Our street food menu is based on the traditional Spanish street food snack, bocadillo de calamares (calamari sandwich) and cones of crispy squid.




March – Tiberi



Tiberi are Marc and Pau, two friends who set up this project inspired by their passion for the extraordinary flavours of their country’s traditional cooking tp provide a selection of their favourite Catalan dishes, from the deep flavours of the seaside to the rich rustic cooking of inner regions.

February – Pulled


British free range meats, slow roasted to perfection, served in a golden brioche bun and topped with seasonal, crunchy slaws and homemade sauces.
“It’s everything you hope for…it’s not often you find yourself fighting an urge to take a bite from a strangers plate to try the rest of the menu.”
Shouting From The Cheap Seats.


January – Deeney’s

deeneysDeeney’s was founded in the Summer of 2012 by Paddy and Carol. Carol was born and bred in a Scottish café and has spent her whole life cooking tasty food for the people around her. It all started on the markets in London where the ‘Macbeth’ haggis toastie built up a cult following across town. Toasties are the signature dish, alongside the new McGurken burger, classics like Macaroni Pie, finished off with a deep fried battered Mars Bar. Look out for Burns Supper specials.


December – Stake Haus


STAKEhaus is a steak house in its purest form. We aim to serve up great steak and chips in a way that is just as affordable as it is delicious


November – Le Bao

lebao-logoLe Bao offers bao buns with a twist. Our baos are made using free range meats and an unique recipe of rice flour and soy milk buns.


October – Capish?

capish-logoCapish bring a taste of Little Italy to the London streets. Their flagship Meatball Hero and Chicken Parm sandwiches capture the Italian connection, but there’s also an ever changing specials menu which includes a superb Braciole Sandwich with Rare Breed Steak.  @Capishfood


September – Meat Heads

meatheadsMeatheads meatballs are made with free range British meat, packed full of flavour and served up in sumptuous sauces pulling influences from around the globe. Served with salads, sides and fries!


August – Claw


Britain exports roughly 80% of our precious crabs to Europe so  Claw thought it was about time to bring it back to British plates. They specialise in hand-picked Devonshire crab but also serve up fresh, seasonal seafood with a twist.



July –  El Patron

elpatronJesus Anorve, of El Patron, delivers a genuine experience and the true taste of Mexico to our July kitchen. Expect fresh and authentic flavours, homemade chips and dips alongside classic favourites. No Old El Paso here



June – Howard’s Meat

Howard’s Meat Co. is a Texas style barbecue company focused on bringing wood smoked meats to London. Having studied under one of the best pit bosses in Austin (and thus the world) they serve the best brisket, ribs, pork shoulder and smoked sausage in the city.



May – Colombian Street Kitchen

Colombian-Street-KitchenCrispy empanadas, succulent tamales and delicious frijoles are just some of the mouth-watering classic dishes that will be served by Colombian Street Kitchen throughout May.



April – Oh My Dog!


Hand-crafted Heritage Breed Frankfurters and The Best Toppings in Town!



March – Tiberi



Tiberi are Marc and Pau, two friends who set up this project inspired by their passion for the extraordinary flavours of their country’s traditional cooking tp provide a selection of their favourite Catalan dishes, from the deep flavours of the seaside to the rich rustic cooking of inner regions.

 February – Rotli Crew



Explore an eclectic British Asian menu infused with spice and flavour, served up in the Rotli Crew’s own inimitable style

January –  The Beefsteaks



The best grass-fed, native breed, dry-aged British beef, cooked over sustainably sourced English lump wood charcoal.


 December – Pulled

“It’s everything you hope for…it’s not often you find yourself fighting an urge to take a bite from a strangers plate to try the rest of the menu.”
Shouting From The Cheap Seats.

November – The Bell & Brisket

The Lord Rupert sandwich at The Duke’s Head – #8 Best Dish in London – Time Out