Sacred Gin Bar

Sacred, a unique selection of gin, distilled here, in the historical and beautiful Highgate village.

Master Distiller Ian Hart’s early experiments with reduced pressure distillation were focused on re-engineering vintage wines, but he soon found himself geared with neutral spirit and botanicals, working towards the formula for the gin that graces our menu today. Each of the twelve organically sourced botanicals, including citrus, juniper, cardamom, nutmeg and frankincense, are macerated with the highest quality English grain spirit and then distilled separately in glassware under vacuum. This process is responsible for the distinctively lush, fresh character of Sacred Gin, which takes its name from the frankincense used, Boswellia sacra.

The Duke’s Head are proud to permanently host the Sacred Gin Bar, serving the finest gin cocktails, with simplicity and elegance. You can even take a bottle or two home with you.

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