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What’s happening this month at The Duke’s

Interview with Sophie Tang from Tangy’s Tasty Stuff

1) When did you start Tangys’?
June 2016

2) What/who inspired you to start?
Well I’ve always enjoyed cooking and feeding people but it wasn’t until I worked on my friends street food stall (muffin man and co) at st Kathrine’s dock that I had the idea of doing it myself and 2 weeks later Tangys was born and I was trading at Tottenham green market every Sunday

3) What is your most popular/favourite dish?
At the dukes it had been by far the Halloumi fries
Generally when I trade the satay burgers go down a treat I also quite like making the burgers it took me a while to get right but I think I’ve cracked it now. For Chinese NY I will be bringing in whole portions of aromatic ducks to the Duke’s Head

3) What is your daytime job?
My day time job is a night time job
I work for the signals department on London Underground so Tangys is a labour of love on the side of this.

4) How do you celebrate Chinese NY in your family?
Eating! Eating and more eating, some red packets full of money and more eating! The Chinese tradition for New Year is to have a meal called the reunion dinner which entails everyone adding rice to a huge dish. This is accompanied by meat & fish dishes and signifies a profitable year ahead. There is a Chinese New Year desert (rice) pudding called Nian Gao which translates as “starting the new year on a high” and we always have plenty of fortune cookies at our house. Also red envelopes with gifts of money are handed to younger/unmarried members of households – which can turn out to be quite a large sum – that’s why I’m staying single for the time being!!

5) What are you looking forward to most at The Dukes Head?
I’m looking forward to CNY weekend as I get to add even more to the menu!
Though when it’s gone it’s gone guys so come hungry and book to avoid disappointment but that being said I’ve been having a wonderful time here and I hope everyone has enjoyed eating while I’ve been residing!

Introducing: MAGIC ROCK

For whoever has been following for the past 4 years, coming to our bar and finding some of the best beer produced in UK shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.
Our primary intent has always been trying to find the best – and the rarest, most special ales that the craft beer market could offer.
And especially when it comes to cask beer, this is where our fervent passion meets the most meticulous research, so that we can proudly line up every week the best possible selection.
It’s not unusual to find very tasty beverages on the keg taps of many other pubs that share our same love for craft beer.
What is getting a bit more tricky these days is to keep the cask beer selection just at the same high quality level; especially since we’re talking about 8 cask lines, almost a rarity in London.
The challenge is represented by the massive decrease of numbers of top breweries still brewing Real Ales.
When it comes to a brewery like Magic Rock, we all know that we can expect the highest standards in terms of quality, innovation, flavour.
We had the pleasure of having a Magic Rock tap takeover for a full week last summer, as part of our first Duke’s Head Summer Beer Festival.
Events like this are always a great fun and help us to spread the word of good, craft beer.
But, ultimately, it’s on the day by day selection and presentation that a pub must grow its roots.
So, we all know Magic Rock and how beautiful their beers are.
But how do we keep their presence as constant as we can on our pub taps?
We get pallets. ONE pallet EACH MONTH. (1 Pallet = 18 kegs)
In this way we can secure a few amazing beers, BOTH on KEG and CASK that otherwise wouldn’t be such an easy task.
For a huge pub part of a huge company, buying large amounts of pallets directly from the breweries must be like the easiest and most normal way to proceed.
But being a small independent venue like us, makes things a bit more complicated. Luckily we now have two sisters, The Prince N22 and Small Beer, helping us share not just this one pallet, but many, MANY more.
So if you come to pay a visit to us this weekend, be prepared to find one (or two..or more) of the Magic Rock super tasty beers on our cask board.
And keep an eye on our MailChimp and our Twitter, because more pallets are about to land on our small planet, orbiting in a tipsy revolution around our big shiny beery sun.